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Save $100 on Surface Pro 4 & Pro 3 with Promo Code 2016

By   February 10, 2016

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Surface Pro 4 Discount Code – A Comparison With Surface Book

Students now have Surface Pro 4 student discount code for investing on this tablet, which can be an excellent replacement to any laptop.

If you have more than thousand US dollars to spend on a 2-in-1 system, Microsoft provides you two wonderful choices being Surface Pro 4, which costs comparatively less than the other model called as Surface Book. Even though, both these devices can function both as tablet and laptop, they have certain level of differences between them right from designs to battery life. If you are planning to use Surface Pro 4 promotional code to get this device, it is better to initially compare this model with Surface Book to arrive at the suitable choice.


When you use Surface Pro 4 coupon code for this device, you will find that this device very much like its predecessors is actually a tablet and it can be converted into laptop. The weight of the device is reasonable at 1.73 pounds, thereby making the handling easier. In addition, the kickstand makes it easier for the user to position the device on any table or he can also balance it on the lap.

When you invest in Surface Book with or without Surface Book discount code, you will find that it weighs more at 3.34 pounds. However, the display alone can be detached from the body part of the device, thereby making it a convertible laptop. When you take out, it weighs just 1.6 pounds, thereby making handling easier similar to that of Surface Pro 4. The device has an innovative addition of magnetic connection between the keyboard and the tablet part. Even though, it holds steadily with the body portion, it also detaches easily.

When it comes to detaching in the case of Surface Book, you will have to press a button, while in the case of Surface Pro 4 that can be purchased at a friendly cost with Microsoft Store Surface Pro 4 promo code, you can detach it from the type cover just with a tug.

When it comes to winner in the design aspect, Surface Pro 4 is the winner as it has a more innovative and attractive body.


When it comes to Surface Book that can be purchased with Surface Book coupon code, as the device is thicker, it has more room for a number of ports as compared to Surface Pro 4. When comparing the ports even though, both has similar ports, you will find that Surface Book has a full-size SD Card slot for MicroSD and it also throws addition USB port. The other common ports you will find in both devices are a mini Display port, a microSD card reader, a single USB 3.0 Port and a 3.5 mm audio Jack.

When it comes to winner in this arena, you can confidently opt for Surface Book with Surface Book promotional code as it has many ports comparatively.
Microsoft Store Surface Book promo code can come handy when an individual decides to opt for Surface Book. If the individual is a student, he can go for Surface Book student discount code.

Save up to $139 on Surface Book Bundle with Promo Code

By   January 15, 2016

Save 10% on all Surface models for students, parents and faculty with free shipping and free returns on all orders. Surface pro 4 coupon code 2016 offers are specially designed for your benefit.

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If you are in a mood of buying a Microsoft Book and looking for promo codes, then you should be happy because the company has already announced microsoft store surface book promo code for the product. You can look for these codes at each and every Microsoft retail stores which you will find any of the top cities of the world. If you have been able to locate one of them nearby then you can search for a suitable surface book coupon code there for yourself. After finding out the most appropriate one, you can ask the employees there or by yourself can redeem these surface book promotional code offers in order to be a owner of the Surface Book at an incredible price. Will not that be great?

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