Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Promo Code 2017 What Do You Want to Know?

Many people have been awaiting the release of Surface Pro 5 as the next generation addition to the Surface Pro line up. Now, Surface Pro 5 promo code can be a good thing for them.

Microsoft has been spending millions and millions on advertisements to prove people that a tablet can surely be a replacement to a laptop. This promise was rightly delivered by the company in the form of Surface Pro 4 in the year 2015. This predecessor to Surface Pro 5 is equipped with an excellent processing power, a perfect size display and also with the right aspect ratio. The present generation has frozen the position of Surface as the gold benchmark for Windows tablets. With the introduction of Windows 10, all the preceding models of the Surface device were blemished.

Announcement and release date:

The month of October has always been the historical month for the Surface lineup. For instance, Microsoft introduced both their Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 in the month of October in 2015. Also, the company unveiled the newer Surface Book i7 in the month of October in 2016. This introduction was made along with Surface Dial and Surface Studio. In addition, a number of debuts to the Surface family were introduced in the months of February and June as well. As far as Surface Pro 5 is concerned, even though there are rumors spreading around about its release in early 2017, most people believe that it will not happen earlier than spring 2017. Shall we expect the same to happen in the month of October 2017? We should wait and see. But, you can use our Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Promo Code, regardless of the release month and date.

What will be under the hood?

As far as the present Surface Pro 4 is concerned, it already makes use of the latest Intel processors called as Skylake. It was already announced by Intel that their successor of Skylake in the name of Kaby lake will be introduced and it is expected that the Surface Pro 5 will come loaded with the Kaby Lake Core i7 processor.

Surface Pro’s Keyboard cover:

It is always amusing to consider that Microsoft is changing their position with respect to the keyboard cover on the Surface Pro. Even though the keyboard cover is something that is sold separately by Microsoft for all their Surface tablets, the covers has always been considered an integral part of the experience people can gain from the Surface devices. Now, the expectation is that Microsoft should include the cover within the base price of Surface Pro 5.

Touchscreen stylus:

As far as Surface Pro 3 is concerned, it came with an awkward plastic tether touchscreen stylus. But, Microsoft made an upgrade to this accessory by producing the stylus in an elegant magnetic attachment. In the previous model of Surface Pro, Microsoft introduced the Surface Pen with replaceable batteries. This time for Surface Pro 5, it is expected that the Surface Pen’s replaceable battery would be substituted by a rechargeable battery. It is expected that this change will be introduced following the paths of iPad Pro’s Apple Pen.


As far as price of Surface Pro 5 is concerned, it is expected that the price will be more close to the predecessor Surface Pro 4. It is expected that there will be a difference in price with respect to memory and storage space. However, you can use Surface Pro 5 promo code to bring down the cost you will have to pay towards the new Surface Pro tablet.