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With so many laptops coming up in the market each day, each with its own technicalities and specialties it is always a challenge to buy the right one for the right need. Being called “The ultimate laptop”, with its incredibly powerful and meticulously crafted, Microsoft’s first ever laptop – Surface Book made a revolution in laptop design. Its detachable 13.5 inch pixel sense display makes it a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet. It came with a surface pen optimized for usage as a tablet on the touch screen display. Surface book gave everything that is needed to work with professional grade software anywhere with the best connectivity. It ran all the professional grade software needed for engineering, design and everything in between.

Now, coming soon to the market is the next improvised version – a true successor of Surface Book – Microsoft Surface Book 2. The main complaint of the surface book being the gap it created on closure due to the hinge is addressed here with an improved hinge system which also makes detaching the display from the keyboard smoother. It uses Intel’s Kaby Lake processors with which the performance of Surface Book 2 will feature a significant improvement. The 14 nanometer Intel chips offer USB 3.1 Type C and Thunderbolt 3 support in addition to featuring up to 4 cores as the default configuration for better CPU performance.  Along with the latest chip sets it also sports a 13.5 inch display with 4K resolution: 3840 X 2160 pixels for better graphics architecture that supports playback of 4K video and 3D graphics. It also supports VR systems. Surface Book 2 is carefully designed to be a powerful laptop that’s thin enough to take anywhere without losing even a bit of performance.

You can check out the Promo codes available to buy Surface Book 2 online or pre order it at the Microsoft website. Surface Book 2 is expected to be shown closer to the next major windows update and is going to be one of the top laptops when it is released to market mostly in the fall of 2017.