Save up to $159 on Essentials Bundle Surface Pro with Microsoft Surface Pro Promo Code

By   October 13, 2017

Yes, Microsoft has opened the pre-ordering option for the new Surface Pro. This is the right time for you to place your order by using Surface Pro Promo Code to make your shopping friendly to your wallet.

Microsoft’s Surface team never stops their growth and they learn from their past mistakes to correct the same in their future projects. This is what they have done in the new Surface Pro laptop. Microsoft claims this laptop to be the best member of the Surface family by all means. Microsoft has created this laptop with the request from their customers to produce a device that will help them with their productivity. With this input from their customers, Microsoft has created the new Surface Pro laptop.

Instead of using two different devices, the users can use this single device to turn out to be highly productive. With a view to ensure that their ideas can flow without any hindrance, Microsoft has eliminated the need for pen and paper. Yes, the Surface Pro laptop can be converted into two different modes for the different requirements of users. Which is the right choice for you? Before exploring the choices, this is the right time for you to know that now pre-ordering is open for this device. You can do the same now with Microsoft Surface Pro Promo Code to enjoy great savings.

Get into serious work with laptop mode:

Of course, Microsoft introduces this system mainly as a laptop. So, without any doubt, the users can use the system as a laptop. You can do this just by opening the kickstand that comes built-in with this device. In addition, you can get the type cover specially designed for this device separately if you wish to frequently turn into serious works. This type cover will give you the full keyboard to help you turn into work mode instantly.

Turn the device into an easel:

Is your work something to do with creativity? You might be a designer irrespective of your profession like interior designing, website designing or any other designing task for that matter; the new Surface Pro is the device you should choose. The Studio mode will help you with hassle-free drawing. You can just continue your drawing similar to what you do in an easel. All that is to be done to convert the laptop into a studio is to lower the kickstand. Also, as the device is touch enabled, you can use your own arm for drawing. If you are particular about drawing similarly as you do in you easel, just go for the Surface Pen that is sold separately when you place an order for the Surface Pro laptop.

Surface Pro is your entertainment unit:

If you wish to get into entertainment aspects like watching your favorite videos or playing games, you can turn the laptop into a tablet. If you attach a type cover to your Surface Pro, just remove the cover to turn the Surface Pro into a tablet for endless entertainment.


In short, the new Surface Pro laptop is a device that will suit you irrespective of your profession. But, never forget to use Surface Pro Promo Code on your shopping to get savings. At the end, you can take home the new addition to the Microsoft Surface family with powerful features.

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